Penny Fitzpatrick


Pink Peridot warrior.

Totem animal dragon

Penny is very protective of her sisters and new family. She is generally easy to get along with. Her biggest flaw is her temper. She is quick to anger and has been working hard to control her emotions better. She enjoys Soccer and ROTC the best. She has been dealing with alot of issues and just wants to live a normal life, well as normal as one can as a crystal warrior. Lately though she has felt her trust betrayed by those she was closest too. She left the group for a time and returned knowing her team still needed her.

Many years later she isn’t fighting crime anymore but still considers herself a crystal warrior even though the group has split up when many of them got married and began having children. She still stays in contact with her siblings though. Now in her late twenties she got her degree in teaching and was teaching high school gym. She is now the coach for the Mychaels School for the Gifted. She is still with her high school sweetheart Lydia who also teaches at the school.

Penny Fitzpatrick

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