Jeanine R. Zanton

A stunningly beautiful business woman of renown intelligence, ability, and (some whisper) ruthlessness. There are rumors floating around that she has ties to The Mob, but no one has dared advocate these claims for long.


Beautiful and debonair, Jeanine R. Zanton is the consummate businesswoman. She is somewhat aloof, but quite clearly highly intelligent. She has bachelors degrees in computer science and physics, and a masters Degree in Particle Physics, all attained at the age of 15! She is known to be interested in Asian religious practices, especially ancient Chinese and Tibetan.

Exactly why the Shining Crystal Rescue Warriors have drawn her scrutiny is unknown. However, it is possible she is interested in acquiring one or more of their Nanomorph Pets in order to reverse engineer them. The resulting technical boost might give her company the ability to push out Walker Technologies from its firm grasp of the nano-tech market, and allow her to finally execute that hostile takeover of that company which she has been rumored to have been planning for years.

Alternatively, perhaps it is Claire Walker who wants the Nanomorphs to boost her own company’s abilities, and she is mearly using her more “ruthless” and “better connected” friend Jeanine to acomplish that which she is to squeemish to do herself.

Name: Jeanine Robin Zanton
Place of Birth: New York City, USA
Age: 38
Father: Reynard Zanton (Deceased)
Mother: Anastasia Maye (Divorced from Reynard and estranged from Jeanine since shortly after her birth.)

Jeanine Zanton took over as CEO of Zanton Industries after the death of her Father from systemic cancer approximately 16 years ago. Since then she has run the company with skill, determination, and panache. Her tenure has not been without controversy. Throughout this time there have been rumors that she has ties to underworld mob bosses, and that she uses these connections to her advantage. It is a verified fact that she spent two years employed by the Ravanni Corporation, where she was rumored to work closely for Clair De’Lune, long suspected by Federal Authorities to be one of the nation’s most influential mob bosses. Not that anything has ever been proven. During this time, she was estranged from her father, who was known for his strict standards of personal integrity and honesty. This estrangement ended only with the end of her employment with the Ravannis, shortly before her father’s death. Despite the fact that no evidence has ever been uncovered that Zanton Industries has ever been involved in any illicit activity while under her direction, rumors persist that Jeanine and Clair have been seen together, and continue their association.

Of even more interest to the rumormongers, is the relationship between Jeanine and the new CEO of Walker Technologies, Claire Walker. The two companies have always been friendly competitors, back to the days of Robin Walker and Reynard Zanton, who were well known friends. While both companies deal in high technologies, they have diversified enough that they rarely compete directly in the same markets. Walker Technologies focuses mainly on nano-tech and small high-end electronics, while Zanton Industries has traditionally focused on high-energy physics and heavy manufacturing. The two companies have even occasionally entered into joint ventures. For example, Zanton Industries might manufacture a missile system for the military in which Walker Technologies might supply the guidance chips. One of the best examples comes from the end of the Robin-Reynard era: an industrial cutting laser built and manufactured by Zanton Industries for use in large-scale construction, which uses a nano-pump cooling system produced by Walker Technologies.

Of particular interest to the rumormongers is the fact that Robin Walker died within three months of Reynard Zanton under mysterious circumstances. (His family claims a horrible accident, but how can one be sure that the authorities weren’t manipulated by the incredibly rich and influential heirs.) A three-month period in which Jeanine was totally off the grid. (A three month sabbatical in Asia to morn her own father she claims.) Also, since then, the companies have had a marked increase in their collusion. Both women and companies have been investigated on several occasions by the SEC for insider trading, but no evidence of wrongdoing has been uncovered. Still, the women are known to be friendly with each other, and while most people say it’s nothing more than the continuation of a long-standing family friendship, others whisper that Claire often appears subservient in Jeanine’s presence. According to these people, Jeanine has been attempting to engineer a hostile takeover of Walker Industries since the death of Robin Walker (some of them even claim she used her mob connections to arrange this death) with inside help from Claire, and that only deft, behind the scenes maneuvering from the Walker Technologies Board of Directors has stopped them. Both claims, the murder & the securities fraud, have been investigated by federal authorities, the FBI for the former and the SEC for the latter. The FBI investigation remains confidential since no charges were ever filed, but the SEC’s repeated investigations are a matter of public record and none of them have turned up anything that even hints at impropriety. In fact, the people at the SEC are getting sick of the rumors, and fed up with the insinuation that they’re being bought. THERE’S NOTHING GOING ON PEOPLE, SO SHUT UP AND TRADE YOUR STOCKS!!!!

Jeanine R. Zanton

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