The Girl in Your Dreams

An insightful little girl, who has a habit of appearing in the dreams of the Shining Crystal Rescue Warriors. The alarming part about this, is that they often see eachother in the dreams in which she apears, and share the memmory when this happens.


Over the last two decades, dream psychologists have started to note the appearance of a reoccurring theme in the dreams of some of their patients. This theme is of a little girl who is always insightful, often appears wise beyond her apparent years, and almost always asks people those deep, introspective questions that force one to think about personal issues which they would rather keep buried, but which seem to have either suddenly become important to that individual’s life or to become important seemingly by coincidence right after she begins appearing in their dreams.

This in and of itself would not be unusual, except that, all across the world, the people having these signature dreams all giving descriptions for this girl that are exactly the same in every detail! People hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles apart who have never even met have described her in intricately identical terms. Often, groups of connected individuals will experience her in their dreams during the same time frames. Half of the time, the relationships between these people are already well known, but often these people only meet and discover connections they were previously unaware of after acting on some clue in these dreams. What’s more, is that some people have reported to have seen and interacted with each other in some of the dreams in which she appears. The eerie part is that when these people compare notes of the dreams in which they “interacted,” they always seem to match.



The Girl in Your Dreams

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