Shining Crystal Rescue Warriors

Need help getting invitations ready.

Oni’s project…
Today, I made a list of potential romance interests. Proximity was a concern. So, I narrowed my focus to a short list of 256 candidates. I have started on the invitations, but I think I am going to need help getting them just perfect. I was also thinking of personalizing each of them, but for the first elimination round I’ll keep it simple and uniform. This just gave me the idea of having a large party. That would save me time. If I organize it like cheerleader tryouts, I can go through each of them at one sitting. I’m so excited. I have to tell everyone the good news.


I love it. This is too funny. Penny and Satomi have been planning to set you up now, so this is perfect. We totally need to have a giant house party.


Oh my god that would be so epic. I think it would be so much fun and a good way to get Oni hooked up. lol 256 is alot of people to sort though.


256? really? I have that many Npcs?


I bet the high school has at least 2,000 students, so I think Oni is good to narrow it down to 256.


Everything is coming along perfectly. Thank you all so much for helping Oni find her dream of the perfect romance. What would she do without you all?


What are sisters for! :D


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