Shining Crystal Rescue Warriors

Brief 1

Day 1

Sent on a mission to take out the enemy
Wore skimpy uniform inappropriate for most missions
Duped into being the evil empire’s weapon
Ended up stopping a great catastrophe
Saved thousands of innocent lives
Took out boy group
Found mission target “bad guys”
Rescued by 3rd party “good guys”
Confused much?
Found a new home with a new sister and a new life
Needing to hide on Earth
Met a big head that wished to hire us
Hired to save the planet Earth
Got really great suits of armor made from gems
Got a pet/bot/mech/nanomorph awesomeness thing
Sad to hear new sister not grown in lab
Curious reaction when questioned about non-lab grown people

Day 2

Found strange sleeping habits among the people of Earth
Sisters acting strangely, but adapting to new environment
New family very nice, and lots of food
Breakfast was familiar
Attempted to enroll in new school
Blonde creep became vice-principle
Other interested alien “party” of ninjas crashed school
Icy woman leading the raid
Ninja’s specifically looking for Soldier Girls
Mysterious armored sister shows up to kick some serious booty
Nanomorph’s in action
Enemy teleported away to some far off planet
Panicked school closed for the day
New sister brought into the fold
Robot bakes cookies
Trained more
New sleeping arrangements made

Day 3

Experiments in waking arrangements continue
Trained more
Nanomorphs tango, tickle, and bite
Prepared for new day at school

What’d I miss?



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